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Torg et al46 in 1993, after reviewing the National Football Head and Neck Injury Registry, identified a subset of athletes with an increased risk of permanent neurologic injury. These athletes had a spectrum of radiographic findings including congenital and acquired stenosis, loss of cervical lordosis, spondylosis, healed compression fractures, and instability (Fig. 15-3). In and of themselves, these abnormalities are not always associated with neurologic injury; however, in combination with poor tackling technique such as "spearing" in which the top of the head is used as a battering ram can result in spinal cord injury. When repetitive axial loads are applied to the straightened cervical spine, catastrophic injury can occur. Torg et al46 have recommended that these athletes should be withheld from contact sports and return to play considered only if the loss of lordosis was reversible and the athlete could demonstrate proper and safe tackling techniques.

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