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Cervical spine injuries are relatively common in athletes today. Fortunately, the vast majority are minor without long-term morbidity. It is critical to understand the pathoanatomy of cervical spine injuries and their implications for treatment. There is no universal agreement on return to play criteria. The decision to

Figure 15-7 Lateral cervical spine radiograph demonstrating bilateral facet dislocation. Note greater than 50% anterolisthesis of the C5 vertebral body on the C6 vertebral body. This patient suffered a C6 complete permanent spinal cord injury.

return to play after a cervical spine injury is dependent on several factors: severity of injury, treatment response, congenital anatomy, and the athlete's career aspirations and expectations. These decisions should not be made in a vacuum. Emphasis should be placed on truthful, realistic, and candid discussions with the athlete, the athlete's family, and coach.

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Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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