Treatment Options

Nonoperative Treatment Acute Shoulder Dislocation

Initial management of an acute shoulder dislocation consists of a variable period of immobilization followed by rehabilitation focused on restoration of active motion and periscapular muscle strengthening. The duration of immobilization does not appear to alter the recurrence rate. A recent report by Itoi et al17 suggests immobilization in a position of humeral external rotation may result in a lower rate of recurrence compared to traditional immobilization in internal rotation. Several studies are ongoing to compare immobilization in internal and external rotation. The most important factor associated with recurrence is the age at the time of the first dislocation. It has been well established that the younger the patient is at the time of the first dislocation, the greater is the recurrence rate.

After an acute anterior shoulder dislocation, we recommend immobilization in a sling for comfort for about 1 week, followed by range-of-motion exercises as tolerated and progression to strengthening exercises.

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