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See "Addiction Recovery Programs" later in Part V for detailed specifics. Lifestyle Planning and Monitoring

The two key features in the big-picture approach to addiction recovery are getting off drugs and creating a healthy, drug-free way of life (Zackon, McAuliffe,

& Chien, 1993). Zackon (2001) identifies three common barriers to success: (1) the people problem (building a satisfying new social network); (2) the work problem (finding rewarding employment); and (3) the pleasure problem (acquiring new means of entertainment and excitement). He points out that the drug lifestyle, with its immediate gratification and highs, is not easily replaced by a straight life, which may seem inherently dull and unsatisfying to drug users.

Howatt (1999) explains that clients who wish to gain a healthy lifestyle must balance five elements: money, career, relationships, self, and health. Zackon (2001), suggests that a recovery lifestyle needs eight vital elements: (1) Participation in a community that supports abstinence and nourishes moral or spiritual values; (2) productive work (or appropriate training or education) that yields sustenance and social approval; (3) social activities with friends who offer drug-free recreation and support; (4) a home setting that is comforting and relatively free of strong "triggers" (incitements to use); (5) personal growth activities in any or all of the preceding; (6) standard practices for avoiding high-risk (triggerladen) situations; (7) standard practices for coping with unavoidable high-risk situations, and (8) regularity in personal routines and schedules.

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