Eric Bernes Transactional Analysis

Berne taught that everyone interacts from three ego states—each with its own feelings, thoughts, and ways of behaving—that make up the human personality: Parent, Adult, and Child (Berne, 1972).

Therapeutic Approach

Helping clients develop a healthy life script—"I'm OK-You're OK "—is the clinical objective (Berne, 1961). All clients have the potential to make change and have a part in them that is acceptable to others. The actual work of Transactional Analysis (TA) revolves around four constructs: (1) exploration of transactions— what people say and do to and with each other; (2) games and cons—the games people play to get what they want; (3) scripts—how feedback from early transactions in childhood affect adulthood; (4) structures—the analysis of the different ego states a client communicates from in different transactions. "Strokes" (i.e., positive feedback) is one of the biggest motivators for behavior (Berne, 1961).

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