Classification of postchemotherapy retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

RPLND constitutes most surgical resection after systemic chemotherapy for advanced testic-ular carcinoma. The Indiana classification of RPLND categorizes different types of RPLND to facilitate assessment of the outcome in this setting [25]. Standard RPLND refers to patients after induction chemotherapy who have disseminated testicular cancer and present with residual radiographic disease in the retroperitoneum and normalized STM. Salvage RPLND refers to cases that are status post second-line salvage chemotherapy (additional courses of cisplatin-based or highdose chemotherapy with bone marrow support) with normalized tumor markers. Desperation RPLND refers to cases that are post-second-line salvage chemotherapy with elevated markers. Redo RPLND refers to surgery for patients who had previous RPLND with in-field recurrence. Unresectable RPLND denotes extensive unresect-able tumor at the time of surgery.

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