For many decades, scientists have tried to capture and explain the phenomenon of human aggression and the observed sex differences (Archer 2000; Eagly and Steffen 1986; Frodi et al. 1977; Fry 1998; Gladue 1991a; Hyde 1984; Knight et al. 2002; Richardson and Green 1999; Tieger 1980; Wynn et al. 1996). Among biological factors, the endocrine system, especially testosterone, has been most intensively studied. A substantial body of data on subhuman primates has demonstrated a causative role of sex hormones in the development of sex-dimorphic aggressive behaviour (Archer 1988; Barfield 1984; Bernstein etal. 1983; Goy etal. 1988; Keverne 1979; Rose et al. 1971; 1975), and these results have focused attention on how endocrine activity and human aggression can interact with one another.

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