Androstenedione administration in clinical studies

Effects of oral androstenedione have not been studied in women and have been largely disappointing in men. Short-term (5 days) androstenedione (100 mg/day) had no anabolic effect on muscle protein metabolism in eugonadal young men (Rasmussen etal. 2000). In 30-56 year-old men androstenedione (3 x 100 mg/day) for 28 days slightly reduced HDL-cholesterol without affecting prostate specific antigen (PSA), suggesting some androgenic activity (Brown et al. 2000). Serum HDL-cholesterol was also reduced in an eight-week randomized trial in 20 young men receiving oral androstenedione (300 mg/day) (King etal. 1999). Androstene-dione failed to enhance muscle adaptation to resistance training in this population (King etal. 1999).

At present both treatment duration and sample sizes have been too limited to draw any firm conclusions on the clinical efficacy of androstenedione. However, the profound increases in circulating testosterone observed in women after oral androstenedione deserve attention and should preclude its use as food supplement (Kicman etal. 2003).

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