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Testosterone: an overview of biosynthesis, transport, metabolism and non-genomic actions F.F.G. Rommerts

The androgen receptor: molecular biology H. Klocker, J. Gromoll and A.C.B. Cato

Androgen receptor: pathophysiology O. Hiort and M. Zitzmann

Behavioural correlates of testosterone K. Christiansen

The role of testosterone in spermatogenesis G.F. Weinbauer, M. Niehaus and E. Nieschlag

Androgens and hair: a biological paradox V.A. Randall

Androgens and bone metabolism M. Zitzmann and E. Nieschlag

Testosterone effects on the skeletal muscle

S. Bhasin, T.W. Storer, A.B. Singh, L. Woodhouse, R. Singh, J. Artaza,

W.E. Taylor, I. Sinha-Hikim, R. Jasuja and N. Gonzalez-Cadavid

9 Androgens and erythropoiesis 283

M. Zitzmann and E. Nieschlag

10 Testosterone and cardiovascular diseases 297

A. von Eckardstein and F.C.W. Wu

11 Testosterone and erection 333 H.M. Behre

12 Testosterone and the prostate 347 J.T. Isaacs

13 Clinical uses of testosterone in hypogonadism and other conditions 375 E. Nieschlag and H.M. Behre

14 Pharmacology of testosterone preparations 405 H.M. Behre, C. Wang, D.J. Handelsman and E. Nieschlag

15 Androgen therapy in non-gonadal disease 445 P.Y. Liu and D.J. Handelsman

16 Androgens in male senescence 497 J.M. Kaufman, G. T'Sjoen and A. Vermeulen

17 The pathobiology of androgens in women 543 N. Burger and P. Casson

18 Clinical use of 5a-reductase inhibitors 571 K.D. Kaufman

19 Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and androstenedione 597

B. Allolio and W. Arlt

20 Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) 623 S.S. Wolf and M. Obendorf

Methodology for measuring testosterone, DHT and SHBG in a clinical setting M. Simoni

22 Synthesis and pharmacological profiling of new orally active steroidal androgens 665

A. Grootenhuis, M. de Gooyer, J. van der Louw, R. Bursi and D. Leysen

23 Hormonal male contraception: the essential role of testosterone 685 E. Nieschlag, A. Kamischke and H.M. Behre

24 Abuse of androgens and detection of illegal use 715 W. Schanzer

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