Effects of treatment of erectile dysfunction on testosterone

There is some evidence that not only testosterone is relevant for effective therapy of erectile dysfunction, but conversely that effective therapy of erectile dysfunction can also increase serum concentrations of testosterone. In normal healthy men and patients with erectile dysfunction, serum levels of testosterone increase significantly during the tumescence as well as the rigidity phase of penile erection, and return to baseline in the detumescence phase (Becker etal. 2000; 2001).

A controlled, non-randomized study demonstrated that effective psychological, medical (prostaglandin E1, yohimbine) or mechanical (vascular surgery, penile prostheses, vacuum devices) therapy of erectile dysfunction leads to a sustained increase of serum testosterone levels (Jannini et al. 1999). This increase could be caused by increased LH bioavailability (Carosa etal. 2002). However, randomized controlled studies are awaited to prove this interesting hypothesis.

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