Following suggestions from the 1940s that androgen therapy might improve childhood enuresis, a recent controlled clinical trial involving 30 boys aged 6-10 years has claimed a benefit for oral mesterolone treatment compared with placebo (El-Sadr etal. 1990). This study may have been flawed as the method of randomisation leading to 20 being treated with mesterolone (20 mg daily for 2 weeks) compared with 10 on placebo (vitamin C) was not explained. The statistically significant increase in cystometric bladder capacity in the mesterolone-treated group was attributable to six boys who had dramatic increases, whereas the remainder did not differ from the ten placebo-treated boys. Although no adverse effects were reported, the well-known potential hazards of androgen therapy in prepubertal children, including premature closure of epiphyses and short stature, precocious sexual maturation and psychological sequelae would require detailed safety evaluation before androgen therapy could be considered acceptable for a benign functional disorder with favourable natural history in otherwise healthy children.

99 Ways To Stop Bedwetting

99 Ways To Stop Bedwetting

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