Fig. 20.2 Tissue distribution of the AR by Northern blotting

AR (arrows) is expressed in human androgen target tissues. PolyA+ RNAs prepared from human tissues were separated, blotted and hybridised with a labelled fragment for the human AR following autoradiography. (1 heart; 2 brain; 3 placenta; 4 lung; 5 liver; 6 muscle; 7 kidney; 8 pancreas; 9 spleen; 10 thymus; 11 prostate; 12 testis; 13, ovary; 14 intestine; 15 colon; 16 lymphocytes).

be a general rule (McKenna and O'Malley 2000). The distribution of comodulators must overlap with the expression of the receptor, only then will it be possible to influence NR-mediated transcriptional activation of target genes. Many comodulators (e.g. ARA70, ARA54) are expressed in the same tissues as the AR (Kang etal. 1999; Yeh and Chang 1996). Interestingly, the AR-specific coactivator, FHL2, is very highly expressed in the human fetal and adult heart and may influence the androgen action in this organ (Muller etal. 2000). Furthermore, the expression of FHL2 is dominant in the ventricle, the septum and the apex of the heart, as determined with an expression array including more then 70 human tissue and cell line samples (Fig. 20.3). Overall it is necessary for comodulators to act in concert with the receptor so that both are expressed at the same time and are able to mediate the NR-mediated transcriptional activation.

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