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Male pattern baldness is described by a loss of scalp hair and affects up to 80% of males by the age of 80 years. Abalding scalp is caused by androgens and expression of the AR in the respective hair follicle and is thus known as androgenetic alopecia (see Chapter 6). One can assume that the influence of the CAG repeat polymorphism on androgenicity causes a variation of androgenetic alopecia. In men with such a clinical condition, significantly shorter CAG repeats were described in comparison to controls by two studies (Ellis etal. 2001; Sawaya and Shalita 1998). Thus, the CAG repeat polymorphism is likely to play a role in modulation of androgen influence on male hair pattern, but since statistical significance is weak in a reasonable number of patients due to high interindividual variability, the cosmetic consequence for the individual is questionable.

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