HIV without wasting

In HIV-positive men without wasting, androgen induced changes in body composition are more modest. One study of 41 HIV-positive men selected for low-normal serum testosterone concentrations (but not weight loss) and randomised them to 12 months daily transdermal treatment with testosterone (delivering 5 mg testosterone daily) or placebo patch (Bhasin etal. 1998). Testosterone produced a greater reduction in fat mass (DEXA) but no difference in lean mass, physical function (strength) or quality of life. The additive effect of testosterone with exercise has also been examined in HIV-positive men without weight loss. In this study, all 30 men with stable weight were treated with supraphysiological weekly doses of intramuscular nandrolone decanoate (200 mg for the first dose, 400 mg for the second dose and 600 mg for all subsequent doses) and randomised half to additionally receive progressive resistance exercise 3 times each week or not for 12 weeks (Sattler et al. 1999). Although resistance exercise augmented gains in muscular strength and lean body mass (DEXA and bioimpedance), there was no additional effect on body weight. The lack of a no-treatment control and the unblinded exercise intervention limit the interpretation of this study.

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