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Androgen therapy for HIV/AIDS has been mainly investigated for its effects on disease-associated morbidity (weight loss, weakness, quality of life) rather than to influence the underlying disease natural history. Indeed, randomised placebo-controlled studies have consistently reported no androgen effect on CD4 count or viral load (Bhasin etal. 1998; Bhasin etal. 2001; Coodley and Coodley 1997; Dobs etal. 1999; Grinspoon etal. 1998; Rabkin etal. 1999; Sattler etal. 1999; Strawford etal. 1999) with two exceptions (Berger etal. 1996; Grinspoon etal. 2000), neither of which showed a consistent decrease in both CD4 count and viral load. One rationale for androgen therapy stems from the observation that body weight loss is an important terminal determinant of survival in AIDS and other fatal diseases (Grunfeld and Feingold 1992). It has been estimated that death occurs when lean body mass reaches 66% of ideal (Kotler et al. 1989) leading to the proposition that if androgens (or other agents including megestrol or growth hormone) increased appetite and/orbody weight, death maybe delayed. Given this hypothesis, the effect of androgen therapy may differ between men with AIDS wasting, and those without weight loss.

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

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