Iron incorporation

Early results in patients with iron-deficient anemia demonstrated the beneficial and synergistic effects of additional androgen administration (Victor etal. 1967). In the following, testosterone has been demonstrated to enhance iron (Fe) incorporation in red blood cells (Naets and Wittek 1968) and administration of testosterone propionate can increase the incorporation of 59Fe by erythrocytes in mice after a delay of three to four days (Molinari 1970; 1982; Molinari and Rosenkrantz 1971). Especially under conditions of hypoxia, iron incorporation can be stimulated by androgens (Alippi et al. 1985). There are indications that this process induced by androgenic steroids primarily affects the more mature erythroid precursors and needs the presence of EPO (Udupa et al. 1986). Testosterone may also facilitate intestinal iron resorption as high ferritin levels indicating low storage of iron are associated with low testosterone levels (Buttner etal. 2002).

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