Myeloproliferative disorders

The use of androgen therapy in other causes of bone marrow failure has been less extensively studied. One controlled study of 29 patients with myeloproliferative disorders randomised patients to treatment with fluoxymesterone (30 mg daily) compared with transfusions alone but was terminated prematurely due to slow recruitment and poor hemoglobin response with only 4/14 achieving an increase of >10 g/l (Brubaker etal. 1982). These findings are supported by another randomised study of 56 patients with myelodysplasia which found oral methenolone acetate (2.5 mg/kg/day) no better than intravenous cytosine arabinoside or symptomatic maintenance therapy (Najean and Pecking 1979).

Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

The best start to preventing hair loss is understanding the basics of hair what it is, how it grows, what system malfunctions can cause it to stop growing. And this ebook will cover the bases for you. Note that the contents here are not presented from a medical practitioner, and that any and all dietary and medical planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners. This content only presents overviews of hair loss prevention research for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.

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