Preparation of nandrolone MENT and reference steroids

For several years, diosgenine was one of the most important starting materials for sex hormones, including testosterone and derivatives. Nowadays, it has been superseded by other natural products, for instance sitosterol, cholesterol and other sterols (Kirk-Otmar 1983; Zeelen 1990). Sitosterol can be converted, by microbiological degradation, to androstenedione (Fig. 22.2). The latter may serve as starting material for the production of testosterone (1) and derivatives. Depending on the microbes used, sitosterol can also be converted to sitolactone (Fig. 22.3). The latter serves as starting material for the production of 19-norandrostenedione which can be used for the preparation of nandrolone (4a) and derivatives. 19-Norandrostenedione may also be converted to e.g. A6-nandrolone acetate, which is one of the precursors for 7a-substituted nandrolones (Anonymous 1962).

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