Testosterone microcapsules

Testosterone can be encapsuled in a biodegradable matrix composed of lac-tide/glycolide copolymer which is suitable for subcutaneous injection. The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of this microcapsule formulation were tested in fourteen hypogonadal men in an open-label, prospective study (Amory et al. 2002). Patients received either 267 mg (n = 7, injection of 2.5 ml of the formulation) or 534 mg of testosterone (n = 7, two injections of 2.5 ml). Peak serum concentrations were already seen at the first follow-up examination on day 1. In the higher-dose group, mean serum concentrations were at the upper limit of normal at this time-point. Thereafter, testosterone levels declined rapidly in both groups with mean serum levels below 10 nmol/l after 5 and 7 weeks, respectively. In the higherdose group, serum levels of free testosterone, bioavailable testosterone, estradiol and DHT exceeded the normal range for at least the first week after injection. Two subjects complained of transient tenderness and fullness at the injection sites. Multiple-dose studies are still outstanding, and therefore the appropriate injection interval for long-term therapy has not yet been determined. One disadvantage of the testosterone microcapsule formulation seems to be the early burst release of testosterone, which limits the clinically acceptable dose and shortens the maximal injection interval.

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