Operator Lower Hand Position For Supine Techniques

There are a variety of hand positions that can be adopted. The hand position selected for any particular technique is that which enables the operator to effectively localize forces to a specific segment of the spine or rib cage and deliver a HVLA force in a controlled manner. Patient comfort must be a major consideration in selecting the most appropriate hand position.

Neutral hand position (Fig. B2.0.6) Clenched hand position (Fig. B2.0.7) Open fist (Fig. B2.0.8)

Fig. B2.0.6
Fig. B2.0.7

Open fist with towel (Fig. B2.0.9) Closed fist (Fig. B2.0.10) Closed fist with towel (Fig. B2.0.11)

Fig. B2.0.9


Thoracic spine T4-9

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