Feline lower urinary tract disease

FLUTD is characterized by an increased frequency of urination, pain on attempting to pass urine and blood in the urine (cystitis). All cats may be affected but it is more common in overweight, inactive cats, especially those living indoors completely. FLUTD has many causes but the formation of irritant crystals and stones in the bladder is one major cause. Cats under the age of 7 are more at risk from developing FLUTD due to struvite crystals (magnesium ammonium phosphate). These crystals form best in alkaline urine and so all foods for cats under the age of 7 years should be designed to help prevent struvite bladder disease by producing fairly acidic urine (pH 6.2-6.4). However, the incidence of struvite bladder disease decreases with increasing age. Cats over the age of 7 years are at a greater risk of FLUTD due to calcium oxalate crystals and stones. These oxalate crystals form better in more acidic urine and so senior cat foods should be designed to produce less acidic urine (pH 6.4-6.6).

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