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Four Developmental Subphases in the Mature

The last part in our lives, from the late seventies and onward, the encore phase in life, is a set of variations on a person's life themes, and the three preceding stages are now combined, motivating the person to sometimes engage in 'jumping the tracks,' according to Cohen. Even despite serious physical problems an old person can feel vitality and enjoyment, especially in close and significant relationships. To learn new things and to train your brain, are according to Cohen, the keys to vigor in the oldest age groups.

What to Expect on Your First Visit Does It Hurt

The first thing your acu-pro will do is look at your general appearance and vitality. Are you a vibrant, assertive person with plenty of outward energy, or do you come across as weak and frail These are the first general observations that he or she will make. Your body type may also be noted. If you are overweight, you're more likely to be affected by illnesses stemming from disorders of dampness, while being too thin means you might be prone to imbalances of yin energies (see Chapter 6, How You Get Sick The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ). Your acu-pro will also observe your posture, skin tone, and texture of your face. If you have a chalky, bloated face, it can often mean that your Qi (life energy) is low, most likely stemming from poor digestion. A black or dark color under the eyes points to a deficiency in kidney energy, either in the organ itself or somewhere along the pathways of its related energy channels. It's worth mentioning that channels and their organs often share the...

Changing Suburban Development

Few could doubt that many central cities have shown recent sparks of vitality and that some suburbs face central city-like problems, but one should be cautious about downgrading the importance of suburbs as growth centers in American society. Many central cities have limited physical space in which to expand, while suburban rings continue to offer extensive undeveloped land. Indeed, the persistence of massive suburban growth is suggested by the growing political issue of suburban sprawl (Squires 2002). Many individuals dislike the formless, haphazard nature of peripheral metropolitan development and fear that highly valued land that might be used for recreation and nonresidential activities will be lost forever (Lindstrom and Hartling 2003).

Beliefs on Which It Is Based

Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances Honeysuckle for nostalgia, homesickness, and dwelling too much in the past Wild Rose for apathy or making little effort to find joy Olive for mental and physical exhaustion and sapped vitality Mustard for sudden deep gloom that arises for no apparent reason.

Sexual Urges Regrets and Remedies

However, these important neuropsychological events are surely not left to a single chemistry, for many neurochemicals, including opi-oids, contribute to the pleasure of sex as well as many other rewards (Van Ree et al., 2000). Another key player is the luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone, which can selectively increase female libido. Whether such manipulations could be deployed to facilitate human sexuality remains a poorly studied idea that is pregnant with possibilities (Chapter 21). There are some antiaging agents such as the monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor, deprenyl, that can prolong sexual vitality in animals (Knoll, 1992), and hormone replacement therapies along with some pharmacological agents remain effective and ever popular (Crenshaw and Goldberg, 1996).

Health and Health Care

Before this transition most people died of infectious diseases (smallpox, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, influenza, and pneumonia, etc.), which affected all ages. The young were especially vulnerable, and most people did not survive to old age (Caldwell 2001 Riley 2001). With the conquest of infectious diseases, mortality is concentrated in the older ages, and the primary causes of death are chronic degenerative diseases (heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer). Therefore, population aging may have significant implications for population health, as a growing proportion of the total population is comprised of older people with chronic diseases. Growth in the prevalence of chronic disease in a population raises concerns about declining vitality of its members, the overall burden of care for those with physical and cognitive limitations, and the health care costs to society. For example, the health care cost per capita is three to five times greater for the population over age...

Modernity Consciousness And Emotion

By contrast to the institutional self, the alienated whimsical self has the chronic problem of emotional habituation that drains vitality and enthusiasm. In this regard, the postemotional age has made pathological boredom, as well as boredom-relieving self-destructiveness, into very pressing mental health concerns. The following words are spoken by an adolescent with borderline traits, but they are a telling treatise on the general background tone of modern emotional experience.

Caspase and Capacitation

A significant association has been reported between caspase-3 activity and sperm morphology and motility 35 . It has been shown that nonapoptotic sperm that are negative for caspase-3 present with higher quality in terms of normal morphology 36 . Furthermore, spermatozoa of infertile patient have shown an increase in caspase activity 37 . Similarly, a significant negative correlation between sperm motility and viability and caspase-3 activation has been reported 38-43 . In a study that evaluates caspase enzymatic activity, semen fractions of infertile patients had higher caspase enzymatic activity compared to fractions in fertile controls 44 . Although there are significant correlation between caspase activation and the sperm quality regarding motility and vitality values, other contradictory results show no significant correlation between sperm morphology and caspase-3 activation 41 .

Other Health Impairment

Other health impairment means having limited strength, vitality or alertness, including a heightened alertness to environmental stimuli, that results in limited alertness with respect to the educational environment, that A third question was whether students with ADD ADHD qualify for special education and related services under the other health impairment classification of IDEA-Part B. Unlike its precursors, IDEA 1997 specifically includes ADD ADHD among the disabling conditions listed under other health impairment. To be eligible within this category, the child must have limited strength, vitality, or alertness due to the ADD ADHD, and the condition must adversely impact the child's education performance and result in the need for special education and related services. Thus, some pupils with ADD ADHD qualify within the IDEA definition of other health impairment. Other students do not qualify under the other health impairment classification but may be eligible for accommodations in...

Developmental Pathology

Pathology of the grandiose self arises from the difficulty of the caretakers to respond to the child's needs for confirmation and pleasure in his or her displays or very existence. Depressed, preoccupied, morally offended, impatient caretakers may cause the child to repress or split off these aspects of the self. Children may also experience ordinary situations of inattention as traumatic lack of responsiveness. The inner experience of unresponsiveness, hence, is an outcome of the matrix of the interaction between the child and the caretaker or the sclf-selfobjcct unit. The result of the trauma to and derailment of the development of the grandiose self is either its repression or disavowal, or often both. When this occurs, the source of one's vitality and the drive to achieve is unavailable to the person. Hence, the symptomatology of the repression of the grandiose self is typical of the narcissistic character disorder and includes hypochondria, sensitivity to slights, and lack of...

Culture and Conception of Creative Cuisine

The concept and spirit of the creator is often imbued in creative cuisine, emphasizing the essence of the creation and its interaction with the eater, as well as providing the culinary work with deeper meaning and vitality. Creative cuisines use storytelling methods and cultural backgrounds to increase the value and attraction of the dish, which draws the attention and interest of customers. At times, creative cuisines may present cultural stories, such as the melding of various cultures through the suitable combination of food cultures or the emphasis on adapting local culture to produce a dish of local flavor. In general, creative cuisine should provide a rich feast for the senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing.

Research Exemplars Intraurban Spatial Distribution

Kasarda (1995) or Frey (1995) would take issue with little in this capsule summary. Both endorse the notion that cities that made the transition from producing goods to providing services fared better in intermetropolitan restructuring over recent decades. They also note the resumption of the long-term decline of nonmetro areas despite the ''blip'' of the 1970s population movement toward the West and the South population movement from the interior to coastal areas (also see Rappaport and Sachs 2003), and the vitality of population growth in metro areas with high education and skill mixes (especially after controlling for immigration). Kasarda gives greater attention to globalization and how it is implicated in some of the macrospatial changes observed in recent decades. One interpretation of the positive education-growth relationship and the negative manufacturing-growth relationship is that in a global economy, cities specializing in most forms of manufacturing are vulnerable to...

Antecedents of Adult Creativity

Longitudinal studies of creative individuals have investigated the connections between mature creative production and a range of pre-adult measures of personality, family experiences, interests, and motivation. Most find connections between adult creative productivity and earlier evidence of openness, complexity, autonomy, unconventionality, and originality. Vitality is another commonly studied individual trait found to predict creative accomplishment among adults. The domain in which creativity is expressed makes a difference connections between early personality traits and adult outcomes vary for scientists, artists, and other types of creative achievers. Most research using personality draws from standard psychological tests such as the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) or the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). An emerging approach is the use of the Five-Factor personality inventory, with particular emphasis on the personality cluster of openness to...

What Practitioners Say It Does

Reflexology advocates believe that this approach can increase energy flow to the organs that correspond to the reflex points, and increase the vitality of those organs. By increasing the vitality of the internal organs, practitioners believe they can improve patients' health. They claim that reflexology can reduce stress and tension, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, and bring the body into a state of balance conducive to good health. These beliefs echo the vital-force concept that dominated the earliest ideas about health, illness, and physiological function.

Development of Creativity

Women were those who used psychological coping mechanisms of altruism, humor, anticipation, suppression, and sublimation. These defenses were more characteristic of creatively productive older adults. Creativity also appears to be linked to successful aging, possibly through the use of creative adaptive responses. For instance, among elderly Grant Study men, high creativity in mid-life predicted long-term physical vitality in Grant Study men better than early general psychological adjustment or IQ. In the Mills study, Helson and colleagues found that women with strong identity achievement were more likely to be lifelong creative producers. Long-term follow-up studies of adults are able to distinguish between the developmental trajectories of creative ability and creative production. This distinction has the potential to clear up some of the confusion about ages and patterns of decline in creativity after early adulthood. Cognitive and personality traits associated with creativity tend...

What It Can Do for You

Reflexology's claims to restore vitality and improve health, or to alleviate or control disease, must be considered unproven. As is true of various forms of bodywork, reflexology can promote relaxation and feelings of well-being. Although reflexology is not a proven method of treating disease, its potential relaxation benefits are obtained inexpensively and easily, especially because the technique can be self-administered. Also of great importance, reflexology is a gentle, noninvasive technique, free of side effects. It does not affect medical problems, but it works well as a foot massage to reduce stress and provide a pleasant, relaxing experience.

Oxidative Stress and Spermatozoa Functions 2141 Association Between Oxidative Stress and Subfertility

Hammadeh et al. 105 found in patients undergoing IVF or ICSI therapy that the concentration of ROS and total antioxidants (TAS) in seminal plasma did not significantly differ however, they showed a negative correlation between ROS concentration in seminal plasma and sperm vitality, membrane integrity, sperm density, chromatin condensation, and DNA single-stand breaks in both IVF and ICSI groups 105 .

Prevention of Toothwear

A treatment plan that satisfies the patient's complaints, is cost-effective, and avoids further tooth reduction is desirable. The vitality of the worn teeth should be checked. Preservation of the remaining teeth and their vitality and the prevention of further toothwear are essential, but the point at which inter-ventive treatment is initiated, if at all, must depend on the patient's particular circumstances. Interventive treatment is not always necessary and can be complicated, especially where teeth lack enough coronal substance to provide retention for restorations. Shortening of the anterior teeth may be a major concern for the patient and initiate their request for urgent treatment, but the toothwear may have been accompanied by dentoalveolar compensation, which maintains the interocclusal space. In these cases, there is reduction of space available for restorations and treatment may therefore be very complicated, requiring surgical crown lengthening, occlusal reorganization,...

Recent Developments in the Treatment of Tooth Wear

Adhesively retained ceramic and composite restorations offer the possibility of conservative restoration of teeth without causing iatrogenic damage in already worn teeth. Provided the restoration has enough enamel for satisfactory adhesion, adhesive dentistry allows the retention of restorations in severely worn teeth. By avoiding conventional crown preparations, the vitality of teeth in the young patient is more likely to be preserved. In addition, crown lengthening followed by conventional crowns has the disadvantage that the crowns often look triangular and misshapen.

Bone quality and quantity

Blood supply is essential for bone vitality so the maxilla might be thought to be better suited for implant placement. In fact, there is a significantly better success rate in the mandible, which is likely to have a poorer blood supply especially in the older edentulous patient. It seems, therefore, that a firmer bone structure is an advantage. The cortical plate in the maxilla is often thin or absent and the cancellous bone is crumbly.

Sperm Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage

Regardless of the recent attention sperm DNA damage has enjoyed, the aetiology of this damage remains unknown. While the cellular mechanisms underpinning these effects have not been completely resolved, it has been suggested that oxidative stress derived from numerous possible pathways could be a key factor 17, 30 . There are several reports that also strongly link this mode of action to the adverse effects observed after EMR exposure 31-34 . strengthening the potential role of this environmental factor in this affliction. Oxidative stress has also been implicated in a range of other infertility pathologies, including loss of sperm motility and vitality, which is also a common observation after RF-EMR exposure. Failure of sperm-oocyte fusion is also another result of oxidative stress 35 . We now know that human spermatozoa are capable of generating significant amounts of ROS 36, 37 , both spontaneously and when exposed to xenobiotic or physical environmental factors 38 . Furthermore,...

Determinants of Energetic and Tense Arousal Including Cognitive Mood Interactions

In the most general analysis, the basic biopsychological system of energetic arousal is undoubtedly associated with physical health. Healthy persons are more likely than unhealthy ones to experience energy, vigor, and vitality as opposed to unusual levels of fatigue and tiredness. There are many indications of this, but comparing illness with the state of peak physical conditioning makes this relationship obvious.

General Considerations

A comprehensive oral dental evaluation should include clinical and radiographic surveys to identify potential sources of dental infection and elimination of ongoing dental caries, symptomatic periapical lesions, calculus and plaque, and clinical and symptomatic periodontal disease. Dental screening at least 2 weeks before commencement of radiation therapy and or chemotherapy is recommended. This period generally allows for appropriate healing of extraction sites (10 to 14 days), recovery of soft-tissue manipulations and restoration of key teeth, all of which are elements critical in maintaining an overall mucosal integrity during and after treatment. The initial dental evaluation should include a thorough prophylaxis, scaling and root planing, unless there is a visible or palpable tumor at the site of anticipated dental manipulation. The dentist should establish pretreatment baseline data against which subsequent examinations and treatments can be compared. During the initial...

Acupuncture Yoga and Homeopathic Remedies

Positive benefits likely for musculoskeletal and other types of pain, lowering autonomic nervous system sympathetic tone decreasing histamine effects of FEV1 in asthmatic patients reducing blood pressure headaches, diabetes, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis overall improvement in balance, endurance, and vitality.

What if my testosterone level is low What are the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy

Hypogonadism is a condition in which low levels of testosterone are found in association with specific signs and symptoms, including decreased desire (libido) and sense of vitality, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass and bone density, depression, and anemia. When hypogonadism occurs in an older male, it is referred to as andropause, or androgen deficiency of the aging male. Hypogonadism is estimated to affect 2 to 4 million men in the United States, and its incidence increases with age. Only about 5 of affected males are being treated.

Fun and Laughter Remember Us

Shiatsu A Japanese word meaning finger pressure. This technique uses varying degrees of pressure to balance the life energy that flows through specific pathways (meridians) in the body, and relieves many chronic and acute conditions manifesting on both physical and emotional levels.

Studies on EMR and Male Infertility

This work was immediately followed by an experimental study involving exposure of male mice to RF-EMR via a wave guide. Exposures were at a frequency of 900 MHz at 90 mW kg-1 for 12 h day-1 for 7 days. This study revealed a significant impact on the integrity of the sperm mitochondrial genome, but no effect on the nuclear DNA or microscopic parameters 57 , somewhat confirming the detrimental effects of RF-EMR on DNA integrity. Then further negative impacts of mobile phone usage on semen quality in human males were observed in a study that found significant reductions in sperm motility after exposure to a mobile phone after only 5 min exposure (talk mode) at a 10 cm range in vitro 58 shortly after, a study also reported losses of motility and vitality after mobile phone exposure for 6 h day-1 for 18 weeks on rats held 1 cm from mobile phones measured at an SAR ranging from 0.9 to 1.8 W kg-1 in standby and talk modes, respectively. The spermatozoa of animals exposed to mobile phones...

Acupuncture Tools of the Trade

Acupuncture uses needles inserted beneath the superficial layer of the skin to simulate the underlying points and channels to correct and maintain good health. The idea is to keep your Qi, your life energy, flowing smoothly through your body Pain is said to be stuck Qi. Acupuncture needles move the Qi along its pathways head 'em up, and move 'em out.

Facelifts An Uplifting Experience

Acu-points cannot trim or suck the fat from around your neck. They can, however, fill in many of the lines and wrinkles in your face and bring a glow of vitality to your smile. There are no side effects or recovery time, and you get the additional benefit of feeling good all over. Check with your acu-pro to make sure he or she has experience in this specialized area of Oriental Medicine.

The Pulp Tissue and Pulp Cavity

Posterior Anterior Teeth Chart

Nutrition - This function maintains pulpal vitality, and is carried on by the blood and lymph vessels found in the pulp tissue. Their entrance and exit to the pulp cavity is chiefly through the apical foramen. There is some auxiliary supply from the periodontal membrane.

New Opportunities New Challenges

At an individual level, the complexities of historical trauma make it difficult to distinguish the exact mechanisms of transmission, but traumatologists speculate that intergenerational transmission can occur through direct and indirect means. In the case of direct transmission, children may hear stories about events experienced by their parents or grandparents and, consequently, experience vicarious trauma (Auerhahn & Laub, 1998). In the case of indirect transmission, traumatic events may lead to poor parenting styles which, in turn, may increase stress in children (Auerhahn & Laub, 1998). Family dynamics may also unconsciously foster indirect transmission. For example, Felsen (1998) found that some children of Holocaust survivors felt they were expected to fulfill missions for their parents such as the need to comfort parents, restore lost love objects, act out parental anger, and demonstrate the continued vitality of their community. Notably, these family dynamics are both a result...

Clinical Instruments for Primary Care Settings

The SF-36 was created mainly by factor analytic techniques. It is a multi-item scale that is concerned with eight health concepts. These include limitations in physical activities due to health problems, limitations in social activities because of physical or emotional problems, limitations in usual role activities due to physical health problems, bodily pain, psychological distress and well-being, limitations in usual role activities due to emotional problems, vitality, and general health

Medical Qi Gong Its a Bird Its a Crane Its

Another way to improve your health is through the practice of medical Qi Gong. Qi ( life energy ) and gong ( benefits from persistent efforts ) are combined with slow, easy-to-perform breathing exercises to assist a wide variety of health concerns. Medical Qi Gong can be prescribed by your acu-pro for helping specific conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and many muscular or joint pains.

Stimulate Axonal Regeneration

In addition to trying to improve the environment for regeneration, researchers may manipulate the intrinsic properties of neurons. Studies suggest that by increasing a-integrin levels in cells, especially dorsal root ganglion neurons, regeneration regains much of the vitality of young neurons.102 The integrins enable axons to interact with growth-promoting substrates such as laminin and fibronectin. Another clever approach would place plasmids with DNA that encode for neurotrophins in the proximal and distal stumps of an injured nerve or tract.103 The DNA is taken up by axons and transported retrograde to the axotomized neurons to signal regeneration. Gene-activated matrices may contain other promotors of cell health and axon growth.

Practical approach to the patient with DHEA deficiency

At present there is no established indication and no generally accepted pharmacological preparation of DHEA for treatment. However, there is growing acceptance (Achermann and Silverman 2001 Arlt and Allolio 2003a Oelkers 1999) of the view that DHEA replacement in patients with adrenal insufficiency may be beneficial in a substantial percentage of cases. In these patients not only very low or absent circulating DHEA(S) is demonstrated, but there is evidence of impaired wellbeing, reduced vitality and increased fatigue (Lovas et al. 2002), symptoms that are likely to respond to DHEA replacement (25-50 mg day). Treatment usually starts with 25 mg day. Serum DHEAS concentrations can easily be monitored and should be in the respective sex- and age-adjusted reference range (Orentreich etal. 1984). It is important to know that significant improvement may occur only after two to four months of treatment.

Yin and Yangthe Great Balancing

Qi in Oriental Medical terms means the energy of life. We receive Qi when we are born and continue to be given Qi through many sources including the air we breathe and the food we eat. Our bodies use Qi to accomplish daily living and each organ and channel is filled with this life energy to assist with the simplest or complex tasks.


Acupuncture is part of a complete system of diagnosis and treatments in oriental medicine. In acupuncture, health is maintained by the smooth flow of life energy or Qi through pathways in our bodies called channels or meridians. Channels act as conduits or pipes that maintain balance and health throughout our body's skin, muscles, and organs. They're like the pipes in your home supplying heat and water so that your home can function smoothly. If a pipe becomes clogged, you've got problems. When injuries, emotions, disease, stress, or poor lifestyle choices disrupt the circulation of qi, blood, lymph, and other fluids in your body, you begin to feel worse and medical symptoms appear.

Adverse Effects

Since Chinese medicine, under most circumstances, does not operate via a direct confrontation route but rather acts indirectly to support the healthy organs and helps to maintain vitality and prevent functional deterioration, critical and detailed assessment of the secondary endpoints is therefore of utmost importance.


The impetus for Florida's work comes from the changing nature of cities which find themselves saddled with areas of degeneration due to the decline of the manufacturing culture. In a market society, there is no automatic balancing mechanism that harmonizes the class structure of a city or region. A city could end up, through unregulated market processes, with very few of the creative class residing in it. According to Florida, this would lead to its decline which could be reversed by injecting a creative class. A city could survive as a parasitic server of noncreative services (cleaning, waste disposal, filing) to a nearby city which is expanding due to its creative dynamism. In such a context, it may still nominally and legally be a city but conceptually will have declined to be a shadow or satellite of the host' city. In social and symbolic terms, it will not really be a city because it has no vitality. Logically, it would seem that this does not mean that it could not be...

Human Smile

The smile also gives the face its glamour. How many times have you seen faces that lack vitality but when the person smiles, the vitality becomes apparent A smile makes the person appear full of life, and it reflects the virtues of the person's character. The smile can convey countless emotions, from the small grin of embarrassment to the wider smile of happiness and enchantment to the full-teeth dazzling smile of exhilaration. It may last for a fleeting moment or remain intense for quite a while, but it reveals the emotions of happiness and joy (Matthews 1978). The human smile is defined in the literature as the changes in the facial musculature that occur as a result of the incumbent emotional state to the smile effect and the manner in which the lips, teeth, and silhouettes blend to create harmony that gives a smile its own unique magical character (Philips 1996).


Whole molecule and very sensitive to the molecular structure, isotopic composition, and numerous other molecular properties. Information that can be obtained from the observation and analysis of rotational transitions includes precise molecular structures, dipole moments, centrifugal distortion constants, vibrational potential functions, internal rotation barriers, nuclear masses and spins, nuclear quadrupole coupling constants, molecular magnetic moments, conformations of rotational isomers and ring compounds, magnetic susceptibility and electric polariz-ability constants, molecular quadrupole moments, structures and other properties of hydrogen-bonded complexes, rare atom-molecule complexes, molecular ions, nonpolar spherical-top molecules, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. The field of microwave spectroscopy continues to expand with new experimental and theoretical developments. The contributions of microwave molecular spectra to the fields of microwave-optical and...

Shade of the Crown

Some patients request the prominent show of gold in their anterior teeth (Fig. 4.11). If there is a clinical indication for this material to be used, then there is no reason not to accede to this request. However, if the tooth is healthy and normal then the risks to the tooth associated with crown preparation (such as loss of vitality or fracture, for example) must be explained to the patient before they exercise their judgment whether to proceed.

Control of Symptoms

Herbal medications have been used with effectiveness in treating perennial and seasonal allergic rhinitis. Butter-bur (32 mg daily) was effective in treating seasonal allergic rhinitis when compared to cetirizine (10 mg daily) in 125 patients. After 2 weeks, patients treated with butterbur had improved vitality, general health, and physical activity as well as less sedation (Schapowal, 2002 SOR A).

Future Prospects

It can be stated with a great deal of certainty that the industrious level of research activity seen within the various theory fragments of organizational ecology will continue. The fragments have proven especially fertile in their ability to foster cumulative programmatic research and to spawn new theoretical ideas of broad interest. Seemingly simple issues, like the direction of age dependence in organizational mortality, often turn out to be much more challenging and interesting than expected, as reviewed above. Then, too, there is the demography of the researchers themselves young talented doctoral graduates continually enter the field and make important contributions, ensuring a certain level of vitality and innovation. So it is more than reasonable to expect that corporate demography will continue to make considerable progress within the various theory fragments, as it has for the last 25 years or so.

Cell Therapy

Some proponents believe that cell therapy increases vitality, stamina, skin tone, blood supply, and a general sense of well-being. Enhanced sexual function and reversal of male impotence also have been claimed. Many other successes in treating various diseases are noted, ranging from cancer to Down's syndrome. Finally, as is true of almost all alternative therapies, some proponents speak of cell therapy's value in treating AIDS. Even proponents of cell therapy are not certain why or how the therapy might work. A few theories are suggested, among them that it enhances the immune system, targets organ-to-organ healing, and restores youth and vitality by donating young cells.

Early Life in Dublin

Fortunately for young Shaw there were a few maternal uncles who helped provide some nurturance and guidance. But perhaps the most important influence on him was that of George John Lee (1831-1886), his mother's singing teacher and close friend of the family. Lee was an eccentric man, short, dark, and crippled since childhood by an accident to his foot. He was a well-established orchestral and operatic conductor in Dublin who had created a method of singing that Shaw claimed preserved his mother's voice perfectly until her death at over age 80. Lee offered music to the Shaws, as well as the vitality of fresh ideas. Lee and the Shaws united households in 1863 when the two families moved into a four-storey house at Number One Hatch Street. Shaw loathed school. He quit school at age 15 and became a junior clerk in the Charles Uniacke Townshend land-agency office. Meanwhile, the household was filled with music rehearsals and lessons of Lucinda Shaw and George John Lee, and young Shaw had...

Binocular Difference

For clinicians who practice esthetic restorative dentistry, particularly in the field of ceramics, fluorescence is an important physical property. By their very nature, teeth and more specifically, dentine, are fluorescent because they emit visible light when exposed to ultraviolet light. Fluorescence adds to the natural look of a restoration and minimizes the metameric effect. When creating a restoration, the porcelain consists of agents that cause the restoration to react and become fluorescent. On the other hand, opalescence is the ability of a translucent material to appear blue in reflected light and red-orange in transmitted light. Fluorescence and opalescence both contribute to the vitality of a restoration (Leinfelder 2000, Chu et al. 2004). absorbed. In transillumination, however, light penetrating through a natural tooth appears orange because the longer wavelengths are reflected at the surface and, conversely, the shorter blue wavelengths are absorbed. This effect, known in...

The Young Adult

In both 1908 and 1909, Sara's health continued to be poor, and so she spent some time in San Antonio and at a hospital in Connecticut hoping to recover. Thereafter, when life became too much for her to handle, she escaped to this hospital under the guise of being sick. In San Antonio, she made the acquaintance of another poet, Marion Stanley, with whom she developed a close friendship. Marion tried to get Sara to see herself honestly and to get out of the path of sickliness she had entered. However, even though every visit back home to her parents and St Louis brought on depression (and a desire for death) and a retreat into the patient role, Sara did not appear to have the strength to leave home and try to build a healthy life for herself. Sara was overwhelmed by the aggressive vitality of her mother, and the patient role was how she and her mother had learned to relate to each other in a semblance of a loving relationship.

Functional foods

Foods undoubtedly have a major role to play in preventing disease and ensuring health and vitality. However, if functional foods are to achieve their potential as part of an overall lifestyle stratagem towards healthfulness, then consumers must be guided by the highest quality information and distilled findings that have a strong likelihood of remaining substantiated over time. The food industry, science providers and government bodies all have a responsibility to ensure that the functional foods movement is led by ethical informed decision making. The recent Institute of Food Technologists (IFT, USA) Expert Report on Functional Foods (2005), although recognizing the enormous potential for functional foods, stated

Imaging of penumbra

Non-invasive imaging of the penumbra is possible using positron emission tomography (PET) or magnetic resonance imaging (NMR). Widely used PET parameters are the increase in oxygen extraction or the mismatch between reduced blood flow and the preservation of vitality markers, such as flumazenil binding to central benzodiazepine receptors 61 . An alternative PET approach is the use of hypoxia markers such as 18F-nitromidazol (F-MISO), which is trapped in viable hypoxic but not in normoxic or necrotic tissue 62 .


The first probe to be assessed in detail in this context was dihydroethidium or hydro-ethidine (DHE) 69 . This probe is nonfluorescent in its own right, but on oxidation will produce DNA-sensitive fluorochromes that will stain the mitochondrial and nuclear DNA (Fig. 14.6). The application of this probe is not straightforward, however, and its interpretation has to be considered with care. One of the major issues with DHE is that it is generated by the chemical reduction of ethidium bromide (Et+), a general DNA-sensitive fluorochrome. As a result, every commercial preparation of DHE will be contaminated with Et+, which will, in turn, stain every nonvi-able cell in the sperm suspension with a bright red fluorescence. Consequently, this probe cannot be used in isolation, but has to be coupled with a cell vitality marker. If a cell vitality marker is not used, then it will be impossible to distinguish free radical generating cells from those that are simply dead. SYTOX green is an...

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