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The guide on how to start your own woodworking business from home is authored by Jim Morgan. In addition, he is also a home-based woodworking business owner and enthusiast for more than twenty-five years of experience. He has helped hundreds of woodworkers start their own business from home and have succeeded. He has received a home review gold award for his book. His work can, therefore, be trusted. The employment world has perhaps faced no greater threat than it does today, people are losing their jobs and have to struggle to make ends meet. Beginning this type of business will be among the best decisions you will ever make in your life. It will not only provide you with a great part-time income but also allow you to spend more quality time with your family more than ever. And that is not all, you will be having fun doing what provides you income! No doubt, once you see the serious advantage you get from using the strategies and training inside wood profits, you will wish you had discovered it long ago! The guide alone, can bring about a tremendous difference in your business career, and not just that, it will give you the income and freedom you have always hoped for in your life. The book entails a well written, with the real life, experienced-based business advice. The guidebook is instantly downloadable with accompanying audio transcription. It comes in form of an e-book. More here...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of Jim Morgans Wood Profits can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Ultimate Small Shop

Introducing this phenomenal step-by-step guide that is written solely to bring a 20-years of woodworking experience to your devices. Its a downloadable PDF, but if you're not into the modern ways of reading, you can go old school by ordering a paperback copy. But either way, you will get a fully illustrated and colorful book that deals with setting up your own small shop of woodworking that works like a large, commercial shop. This book actually tells you the exact difference between these two types of shops, and that's space. All that a large shop needs have been dealt with in this book and their small but very much performing alternatives are presented. Who could do such a feat? A woodworker who has been in the field for over 20 years and who has been teaching all the secrets to a successful small shop to people like you. His name's Ralph Chapman. In his 20 to 25 years of woodworking, he has unearthed some secrets that are now presented in 6 modules of this book along with two valuable bonuses. What else could you ask for starting your own woodworking shop under $1000? More here...

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Pathologic Features

Adenocarcinoma most often occurs in the upper nasal cavity or in the ethmoid sinuses. It arises from the submucosal glands, which are direct epithelial invaginations and thus not true minor salivary glands. Adenocarcinomas may be well or poorly differentiated, and this high or low grade is related to prognosis.35 The papillary form is the type most often seen in woodworkers and tends to have a relatively better prognosis than the other two.

Occupational and Environmental History

Many occupational diseases have been well described over the years malignant meso-thelioma in workers exposed to asbestos cancer of the bladder in workers exposed to aniline dye malignant neoplasms of the nasal cavities in woodworkers pneumoconiosis in coal miners silicosis in sandblasters and quarry workers leukemia in those exposed to benzene hepatic angiosarcoma in workers exposed to vinyl chloride byssinosis in cotton industry workers skin cancer in those chronically exposed to the sun, such as sailors ornithosis in bird breeders toxic hepatitis in solvent users and workers in the plastics industry and chronic bronchitis in individuals exposed to industrial dusts. It has been shown that there is an association between sterility in men and women and exposure to certain pesticides and an association between dementia and exposure to certain solvents.


Information about past medical history and social history is also necessary. Knowledge of the patient's work environment may be relevant. Exposure to chemicals or fumes can cause nasal symptoms. Woodworkers are known to have a higher incidence of sinonasal carcinoma. A history of environmental allergies or immune dysfunction is relevant. Many medical conditions (e.g., asthma, autoimmune disorders) are associated with sinonasal dysfunction. Other conditions (e.g., hypertension) will limit the use of decongestants. History of migraine is noteworthy because migraine headaches can be confused with sinus pain. Some prescriptions can exacerbate or even cause nasal dysfunction, especially medications (anti-histamines, diuretics, antidepressants) that can lead to excessive nasal dryness (sicca). Drug allergies should be noted. Previous nasal surgery, if done, may not have been successful or even led to increased problems. Cigarette smoking and excessive use of alcohol and caffeine have...


Adenocarcinomas exhibit a male predominance with a peak age incidence between 55 and 60 years.5 Adenocarcinomas tend to arise superiorly in the sinonasal region and commonly involve the ethmoid sinuses. There is a significantly higher incidence of adenocarcinomas in workers exposed to wood dust particles. Acheson estimated that woodworkers in the furniture industry in southern England had an approximately 875-fold increased incidence in sinonasal adenocarcinoma when compared to the normal population.17 Sinonasal adenocarcinomas may assume three basic histologic forms papillary, sessile, and alveolar-mucoid.15 Although one pattern may dominate a particular tumor, a combination of all three types also may coexist. The papillary form is the type associated with woodworkers and tends to be more localized with a better prognosis. In contrast, the sessile and alveolar-mucoid forms are locally more aggressive with a greater metastatic potential and carry a poorer prognosis.

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